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Bye bloggy.
I love u bloggy.

Time to shift.

New bloggy:

31st Nov.
The As is finally over.
Finally a dimension which allows emotions to flow.
Pardon me. This entry going to be a little emotional.

Through the times that were the best in my life
and through the worse times ever.

And before I shut this blog down to shift to another address.
This is for those who walked me through.

Little Fairy Thiam Boon.
No matter where u are now,
Thanks for the msg during the As.
And I'm glad I had u when I lost myself.

Buddy buddy.
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The best thing orientation had for me was to have given me this amazing girl.
I looked forward to seeing her everyday.
You were one of the best I ever had.
And u showed me how much I could really like a friend.

My best friends in the class.

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Shanshan. One of the strongest characters I've met in life.
You brought me to see another dimension in life and cos of u, I've become stronger. *Loves

The first friend I actually went to approach to be friends with.
I guess tt's affinity between us. =)

Yasmin. The prettiest malay friend I have. =)
All four of us got punished by Miss Choy for hiding in the toilet during PE.

Ouch. And i tell u. It's darn painful.
evil can. *Arbish.

2004, 2005, 2006.
Mr Cheong.
The first teacher I knew.
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I was already on the verge of joining badminton and it's becos u said u wanted me in such great faith tt I changed my mind.
And let me tell u a secret, it would've been the greatest regret in my JC Life if i hadn't been where u brought me to.
You made my dreams come true
and gave me so much more.
And u remain the hottest hunk in MJC in my heart.
Flying off todae yea? Come back soon. =)

To my Qi Li Xiang.
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My Lovely Clare.
The favourite girl of my life, almost perfect to me.
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Guru. I just love the way we are and how u are alwaes there.
You mean one of the few whom means almost everything to me.

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Hee. I haven really given u ur bdae present yet. =X
And i know u miss me. wahaha.
All ur letters make me smile.
And u owe me a present too after my As rem!!
[Dun try to pretend u hairy monkey !!!!!!!!!!!!]
I want u to wrap someone as cute as me up and send it to me. *grins.

I have always loved Yan. =)
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Full of expressions.
My mother was laughing at ur very expressive faces.
Lol. *so funny leh. Chuckles

I will always be ur piggy. *Loves.

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Chan Chee Wei.
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You are one of the best thing I have in life.
I hate to be rejected when I ask someone out, and u've always made time for me.
Always know tt tequila shots are wad I need after all the competitions and studying.
Hee. And u owe me my Turf City seafood dinner!

U also dun pretend ! ! ! !
See i so nice, allow u to break the promise u made for someone's sake.
I want prawns! =)

My fav Chin hao Da ge.
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The super jiang yi qi friend.
Forever drinking with me when I'm lonely.
Xiao mei will always be here for u to drown ur sorrows with.

U also dun pretend! But I know u wun cos u are not Mr Zhong Se Qing You. Lol.

I miss u guys alot.

My Lovely Girl.
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Thank u too although u have always been real nauti. =)
Dun come up with cheeky ideas again. hehe.
I will nv leave u behind.

The Shooting Team.
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The biggest subset in my Jc life.

The Pioneer Batch.
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Thanks for all the support.
I will always remember the times u all cried and celebrated with me after the election and all.

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2004, 2005.

2005, 2006.
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Seoul Garden. Farewell Dinner.

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You are so sweet. =)

Strawberry Jam.
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All the quarrels kept me and everyone else entertained although we were damn noisy.
But u are still a pain in the neck, u moron. hee.

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Strength. Team Spirit.
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Andi. Jolyn.
Andi. The strongest comrade I had these years.
Being team mates with u is one of the most fortunate thing these 3 years.
Jolyn. Haha. Xiao pang. Sorry for the pressure Andi and I gave u. We were a little scary.

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The gun tt had my identity on it.

Sighz. I Love u gun and I miss u already.
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Sze Teng.
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Darling. The most horny creature forever carressing me. Lol.
But tt doesn't make me love u any less.
And all the times u left biscuit crumbs in my room. I should throw the ants on u.

And Gigi remains the girl I loved most in Meridian.
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This is for u.
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Take care of urself.

And I promise I wun forget u, cos I can't.

My Lover Sister. =)

You were my reason to smile.

And to the forever supportive and enthusiastic A202.
We've gone through so much tgt, making Mrs Logan angry and all..
And u guys will forever be a part of me.
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The best PW mates ever.
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PW was a nice experience. =)
I was blessed with funny and cartoon group mates. =X

Evie's support will always be remembered.
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Our first neo print ever although not very nice.. =)
Darling, thank u..
Without u, i really wouldn't have made it.
We were so happy tgt, we even proclaimed to the class tt we were getting married at the school canteen and they had to give ang pao to us. lol. Omg. We were so lame.
For all the comfort, fun and love. Thanks.
Everywhere u go, I was beside u.
And I will alwaes rem the times we did mask together in sch. Cucumber eye pads! screaking the floors proving tt nike shoes squeak.We even smell the same yea? Tsktsk.

The sweet evil person who made me cry real bad during exams cos he told me emotional stuff.
Thanks for holding me back and up.
My Lovely Xiao di
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Lol. He wanted to pick seashells for me last week then in the end he told me a darn long story on how he picked seaweeds instead. -__-

My fav Bushy hair.
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Aneesha. Thank u so much.
Have nv said this to u.
But I can sense tt u really care, and many times, I'm actually very touched.
I will miss u alot.
Keep in contact pls. =)

I wonder how a person can be soo nice.
I'm forever copying ur GP compre. I hate comprehensions. Such a waste of time especially when the weather gets real bad.
Hee and thanks for ur Tiger Bisuits and Gardenia bread. Lol. Makes me laugh.

Hey. Vanessa, Radiah and all..
This is for u!!
Look! Lol.
Clanon loves his new shirt u guys bought for him.
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Wanted to say this earlier, but I took so long. Thank u so much for such a cute bdae gift.

Hey Fuad. Thank u so much too for all the exam tips. I'm so grateful. =)

Lisa!! I'm so happy to have befriended u. U gave me so much warmth and laughter. *Loves.

Wanwen! I love talking to u. Exams and we still drool over movies and food. Tsktsk. =)

Diana! Let's go canteen. We are forever hungry. =)

Alan Chow! Wanted to Put ur Picture here. Then I realised u would kill me. Lol. =) I'm so glad we had each other then. Thank me for increasing ur water bill. Tsktsk.

And to the rest of A202. Thanks. Meet up someday. =)

And some other friends I made in school by chance.
Footprints in my life.
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Wen Jian. U lucky person. Unfair can.

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Mus. Hey. Thanks for talking me out.

And to my Lovely Ah fat.
We haven caught the toy yet.
Hee. And dun worry. I will intro girls to u.

Yep. Thanks Jack. =)
For the support during promos last year, the Chinese A levels.
And also this yr during the As.
You played a really major role cos I almost couldn't take it.

Thanks Merv too.
For always encouraging me,
for the importance u induce in me.
And I'm sorry for not replying these daes. I dunno how to explain.

Thanks Edwin for everything tt surprised me and all the support.
Nv knew tt I made anyone feel tt way before. And sorry for not replying, was really stressed up =)

A pleasant phase.
A sweet smile to these pple for a lovely bdae.
Thanks for everything.
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Train hard.
Take Care and Thank u.

And Last of all,

During the most impt phase in my JC life,
The person whom kept me smiling and going.
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Tsktsk. Thanks for coaxing me to sleep during the exam period.

I can't imagine the amount of happiness lost without u cos u were ostensibly my onli reason to smile.

And before this entry ends,
Thank you pple.

The best times these years.
Cos these years brought out the best in me.
Cos I nv knew happiness of such an extreme before.

The worse times ever.
It's the ability to feel emotions, to be confused and manipulated by them tt distinguishes humans from beasts.
And I'm sorry. I had my reasons to conceal, I can't imagine wad u would do to him if u guys ever see me in tt state of pain.

I Love Meridian.
JC years are the prime.
You will always be a part of me.

24th Nov. Friday.
Life without school.

Met Clare at expo.
There's this Loreal sale of which is a true sale.
I initially tot of it as a scam.

Haha. And look what I bought.
Time to replenish my stock.
But I'm kinda broke.
So this is all i got..
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-Two way foundation.
-A pretty lipstick.
-Nail polish.
-Nail polish remover.
-Two different sets of facial mask.
-Purifying gel.
-Purifying moisturizer.
-Deep exfoliating gel wash.
And they are less than 50%. Ouch.
I'm totally beaming from the consumer surplus.
*Hops around. =)

Dinner at Macau Express.
Woo. Their food is really good. =)

Hee. Then I went to Guru's hse.
Good Luck for ur stats on monday yea! Jiayou. =)
I miss u already.

Went to meet yan at night..
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Yep. Cafe Cartel!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Her food looks good. =)

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My New York Cheesecake.
I'm putting on wt. I better stop eating Cheesecakes.

Tsktsk. Wonderful times. She's endearing.
They are so happy for me.
Byebye A levels.
We are going to Taiwan next year when the QLX poly pple graduate. =)
Yan was so excited! hehe.

Lol. Shopping time.
I got myself a silver bag!

Okies. Next day..

25th Nov. Saturday.
Yan couldn't wake up.
But I believe she couldn't have gotten any worse than me.
I had only three hour of sleep.

Met Florine..
Thanks bear for my lunch. *I feel so loved.

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Oops. Forgot to intro my new hair colour. Hello pple.

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Our fav pic of the day.

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I love my bear. =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stupid snowman! He was attempting to whack me and I didn't even notice tt.

There's this year end sale everywhere..
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Whilst waiting for bear at LittleMatch Girl..
They have a nice sofa.

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Tada! Nice skirt!
Okies bought and worn on the spot. Tsktsk.

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I couldn't take it anymore. Really sleepy.
Decided to take a rest at Gelare.

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I Love urban Life and the tranquility within the ambience of such a serene place combined with the weather tt speaks of a certain sense of dejection.

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There was something I couldn't resist.
I know I have been buying lots of gowns and I already have many pink dresses.
But I really like this.
Bought a pink veil and a pink gown from Daniel Yam.

Really tired. Time to go home.
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And it's such a coincidence.
Met Rachel along the way.. =)

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I was kinda enticed by the weather.
It's my favourite weather.
There is a sense of romance within such a stormy atmosphere.
Warms my heart.

I'm really broke.
Sounds crude, but unless u are willing to give me a treat or pls don't ask me out.

23rd Nov.
There's a prevailing sense of emptiness.
Cos the As is finally over. =)
=) =) =)

A Myriad of emotions..
A bittersweet sensation within such ultimate joy.
A sense of loss.
A seemingly aimless dimension for the moment.

Nonetheless, there's definitely a call for some celebration.
Went to dye, highlight, cut and gave my hair some spa treatment.
I Love my hairdresser.
Joeey is so entertaining, Hit on the spot, we just get along well.
40 yr old man secretly relating his maplestory experiences to me.
I Love humble old man.
And our conversation lasted for 4 hrs. =)
Most significantly, I love my new hair colour. *hops around.
Such an immediate action of dying the hair is very much symbolic.
It is a symbol of liberty.
And it's hard to conceive tt I have nv dyed my hair for 19 years of my life despite the belief tt school rules are irritatingly stupid at times and hence, meant to be broken.

Been spending a bomb these days.
Bought new heels. *grins. (And i wore them out today)
Bought a hundred bucks worth of make up. Typical vainpot. =)
- A whole new make up kit.
- A new set of compact powder.
- Red earth's pink eye glamour eye shadows.
Bought new clothes. =)
I feel pampered for the sponsors.
Thank u mummy and daddy. *gives u the nauti little lulu look. =)

Thanks ah fat, for the Movie and cake 2 days back! =)
What a wonderful day.

Decided to give the class outing a miss today.
But I know I will definitely miss this grp of pple.
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You will always be a part of me..

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